About Us

At the outset, we would like to present that we are of Indian origin, relocated to the United States of America. Mississippi has been our new home for the past several years. Over the years, we have grown to embrace the culture, practice and lifestyles of the rich South which we now call our home. Our occupational engagements range from business ventures to working in private, government, health care education institutions etc. While we have embraced the new culture, we are cognizant and proud of our cultural heritage which we so eagerly long to pass on to current and future generations. We envision, our cultural heritage being passed on for posterity; for the simple fact that India has a very rich heritage and culture of arts that the generations to come will taste the same.

The conception of a thought to propagate our Indian cultural heritage has surfaced at various occasions and audiences, which we apparently did not act on it for quite some time. Now the thought seem to have evolved into a passion and a drive that has gained momentum as more individuals of Indian origin have echoed the same thought. This now is the ripe time for us to act so that our thoughts/ideas come to fruition. Therefore, we would like to formalize our idea into an organization which would be named, “Indo-American Heritage of Mississippi”

A group of members from Indian and American descent are willing to join hands as we seek a structured institution that would enable us to fulfill this passion of propagating our Indian Heritage to our children. This we plan to accomplish through various arts, literature, drama, like conducting /demonstration of yoga, Indian arts, Indian sports etc.

This proposed organization we plan to run through monitory donations we gather through like-minded individual donors and other charitable entities. This organization would solely function as a non-profit organization to keep up the mission for which it is intended.